Welcome to the Perth Chess Club

The Perth Chess Club meets Wednesdays from 7pm at the North Woodvale Primary School, 4 Chichester Drive, corner of Trappers Drive, Woodvale.
Information about the club, including a map of its location, is available on the <Club Info> page.
For further information contact the President, Fred Maris on phone 0457 573 879.
The <FIDE Laws of Chess 2018> are available for viewing by following the link.

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2018 Rapid Play
Entries will be accepted this Wednesday 21 February, for this free, unrated, 25 mins each, 3 rounds, 4 player divisions, tournament for those not playing a Six Player Divisions catch up game. The Director of Play will be Rob Maris. Tel. 0434 018 624 or email <rob.maris@perthchessclub.org.au>.

2018 Six Player Divisions
This rated, 5 rounds, 60 mins plus 30 secs per move, rated tournament, which runs from Jan 17, 24, Feb 7, 14, 21*, 28 (* catch up) is underway. Results of round 5 and pairings for round 5 (except for Division D) (including some catch-ups) are on the Results page: <Division A>, <Division B>, <Division C> and <Division D>. The Director of Play is Fred Maris, tel. 0457 573 879 or email <fred.maris@perthchessclub.org.au>. If you cannot play your scheduled game please contact Fred. If you are scheduled for a bye or your opponent has told you he/she won't be playing, please contact Fred first before taking the night off.

Chess coaching
Free chess coaching by Steve Jones continues from 6:45 pm sharp to no later than 7:15 on Wednesdays. We are working through Grandmaster Alexander Kotov's "Play Like a Grandmaster," focusing on "Planning." The book can be downloaded free as a PDF at <Play Like a Grandmaster>. Non-members are welcome, although it is expected that after a few weeks, non-members attending the coaching sessions will become members. If you wish to attend these coaching sessions please contact Steve Jones, tel. 0417 976 872 or email <steve.jones@perthchessclub.org.au>. However, this coaching is for adults. For juniors see the Kingsley Juniors Chess Club at the foot of this page, and/or contact the Chess Association of WA President Alan Wolstencroft, phone 9446 5282 or email <alan.wolstencroft@perthchessclub.org.au> for alternative junior coaching options.

The <Links> page has been updated.

2018 Open Lightning
This free, unrated, 7 rounds lightning Swiss tournament, open to members and non-members, was played on 31 January. The time control was 5 minutes each. The Director of Play was Steve Jones. Results are on the Results page: <2018 Open Lightning>. Placegetters were: 1st Yihe Fu (Rebo) 7/7; =2nd Juan Rodriguez, Wolfgang Leonhardt & Ross List, 5/7.

2018 CAWA Annual General Meeting
The 2018 Chess Association of WA (CAWA) AGM was held at the Perth Chess Club on 31st January. Results of the Election of Office Bearers are on the <CAWA website>.

Yihe Fu (Rebo) wins 2018 Australian Junior Under 12 Championship!
Perth Chess Club's Yihe Fu (Rebo) [right with his mother] has won the Under 12 division of the 2018 Autralian Junior Chess Championship held at the Swinburne University of Technology campus in Hawthorn, Victoria from the 13th to the 21st of January. Rebo was unbeaten on 8.5/9 conceding only one draw!

FIDE Laws of Chess 2018 update
There has been a FIDE (International Chess Federation) Laws of Chess update, taking effect from 1 January 2018. To view click on the link above or its copy here: <FIDE Laws of Chess 2018>.

2018 Four Player Divisions
This free, unrated, 3 rounds, 30 minutes each player per game, tournament in 7 divisions (!), A-G, is concluded. Placegetters by division were: "A" 1st Derek Elkington 2/3; = 2nd Steve Jones & Wolf Leonhardt 1.5/3. "B" 1st Alex Janceski 2.5/3; 2nd Ross List 1.5/3; = 3rd Robin Shaw & Alan Wolstencroft 1/3. "C" 1st Natalie Maris 2.5/3; 2nd Brian Gale 1.5/3; =3rd Fred Maris & Kuol Awang 1/3. "D" 1st John Brooke 3/3; 2nd Colin Walker 2/3; 3rd David Hounsome 1/3. "E" =1st Jack O'Reilly & Tom Browning 2/3; =3rd Justin Massam & Darren Powell 1/3. "F" 1st David Franklin 3/3, 2nd Marcelle Masque-Salgardo 2/3; 3rd Lindsay Bordas 1/3. "G" =1st Brian Overste & Craig 2/3; =3rd Mike Rennie & Gordon Lucas 1/3.

2018 Club Calendar
Both the PDF version of the <2018 Perth Chess Club Calendar> and the web version <2018 Perth Chess Club Calendar> are now online.

If all outstanding books (i.e. borrowed for longer than 2 months), could be returned, this would be greatly appreciated. As would donations of any algebraic notation chess books in good condition. Steve Jones, Librarian.

Perth Chess Club rules for formal games
The "<Perth Chess Club rules for formal games>" PDF has been updated to include: "6) If your opponent makes an illegal move and presses the clock, it is usually reasonable to point this out to your opponent and press the clock (so you gain the increment time, ie. 30 seconds). Alternatively, you do have the option of stopping the clock and summoning the DOP who will award you an extra 2 minutes (FIDE Article 7)." These rules apply to all Perth Chess Club games (rated and unrated), except casual games."

December 2017 Ratings
The December 2017 ACF (Australian Chess Federation) and December 2017 FIDE (International Chess Federation) ratings are now on the <Ratings> page. This shows members with FIDE ratings and those progressing towards gaining a FIDE rating. To gain a FIDE rating a player must have played a minimum of 5 games against FIDE rated opponents in FIDE rated tournaments and scored at least a half point in those games(FIDE Ratings Regulations 7).

2017 Annual General Meeting
The 2017 Perth Chess Club AGM was held on Wednesday 19th July 2017. Existing office-bearers were re-elected unopposed: President - Fred Maris; Vice-President - Steve Jones; Secretary - David Hounsome; Tournaments Officer - Rob Maris; Lindsay Bordas - Publicity Officer; Steve Jones Webmaster and Librarian. The 2018 Calendar of Events was approved. Fees for 2018 were approved at the existing levels: Club membership $60, plus CAWA $20, total $80.

Kingsley Juniors Chess Club
Kingsley Junior Club meets at North Woodvale Primary School from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on Tuesdays during school terms. Contact Norbert Muller, tel. 9409 9579 or email <norbert.muller@iinet.net.au>

For any rescheduling of games or contact details for members please contact Fred Maris on tel. 0457 573 879 or email <fred.maris@perthchessclub.org.au>.