Welcome to the Perth Chess Club

The Perth Chess Club meets Wednesdays from 7pm at the North Woodvale Primary School, 4 Chichester Drive, corner of Trappers Drive, Woodvale.
Information about the club, including a map of its location, is available on the <Club Info> page.
For further information contact the President, Fred Maris on phone 0457 573 879.
The <FIDE Laws of Chess> are available for viewing by following the link.

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2017 Wind-up & Doubles Rapid
The Club's 2017 Wind-up and prize-giving, will be held on Wednesday 13 December. Immediately following will be a free, 5 rounds, Doubles Rapid, Swiss tournament. Teams of 2 will be chosen comprising the highest and lowest rated player, the second highest and second lowest rated player, and so on. The time control will be 5 minutes plus 10 seconds per move. The Director of Play will be Rob Maris. For further information contact him on phone 0434 018 624 or email <rob.maris@perthchessclub.org.au>

December 2017 Ratings
The December 2017 ACF (Australian Chess Federation) and December 2017 FIDE (International Chess Federation) ratings are now on the <Ratings> page. This shows members with FIDE ratings and those progressing towards gaining a FIDE rating. To gain a FIDE rating a player must have played a minimum of 5 games against FIDE rated opponents in FIDE rated tournaments and scored at least a half point in those games(FIDE Ratings Regulations 7).

Chess coaching
Chess coaching is now in recess, resuming on the second club night of 2018, which will be Wednesday 17 January 2018. Enquiries to Steve Jones, tel. 0417 976 872 or email <steve.jones@perthchessclub.org.au>

2017 Mary Thomson Cup
This 7 rounds rated tournament in 8-player ratings groups, with a time control of 75 minutes plus 10 seconds per move, played from October 11 to November 29, with Wednesday November 22 as a catch up night, is completed. Final results are on the Results page: <Division A>, <Division B>, <Division C> and <Division D>. Placegetters were: Division A - 1st Derwent Maggs, 6/7; 2nd Juan Rodriguez, 5.5/7; 3rd Derek Elkington, 4.5/7. Division B - 1st Yihe Fu (Rebo), 6.5/7; =2nd Alan Wolstencroft & Ben Hurst, 4.5/7. Division C - 1st Jack O'Reilly, 5.5/7; =2nd David Hounsome & Jarvis Wileman, 4.5/7. Division D - 1st Su-Ann Lee, 5.5/7; =2nd Geoffrey Owen & Brian Overste, 5/7.

Perth Chess Club rules for formal games
The "<Perth Chess Club rules for formal games>" PDF has been updated to take account of FIDE's July 2017 update. In particular, FIDE rule 9, which relates to pairings for FIDE rated tournaments, has been included. These rules apply to all Perth Chess Club games (rated and unrated), except casual games.

2017 Club Calendar
Updates have been made to the web version of the <2017 Calendar> and to the PDF version of the <2017 Perth Chess Club Calendar> to reflect the below 2017 Windup change from 6 (no club) to 13 December. When you have clicked on these links, remember to REFRESH your browser to ensure you are reading the latest calendar. This goes for all pages on this website.

September 2017 Ratings
The September 2017 ACF (Australian Chess Federation) and August 2017 FIDE (International Chess Federation) ratings are now on the <Ratings> page. This shows members with FIDE ratings and those progressing towards gaining a FIDE rating. To gain a FIDE rating a player must have played a minimum of 5 games against FIDE rated opponents in FIDE rated tournaments and scored at least a half point in those games(FIDE Ratings Regulations 7).

2017 Lightning
This free, unrated, 9 rounds tournament, played on 4 October, a time control of 5 minutes each, is completed. Final results are on the Results page: <2017 Lightning>. Placegetters were: 1st Davood Pirmoradian, 8/9; 2nd Derwent Maggs, 7.5/9 and 3rd Juan Rodrigeuz, 6.5/9.

2017 Perth Chess Club Swiss
This FIDE rated, 7 rounds Swiss tournament is completed. Final (updated) results are on the Results page: <2017 Perth Chess Club Swiss>. Placegetters were: 1st Robert Maris, 6.5/7; 2nd Derek Elkington 5.5/7, and =3rd Kuol Garang and Alan Wolstencroft, 5/7. 1st under 1600 was Kuol Garang. =1st under 1300 were Ruben Kruger, Lindsay Bordas, Su-Ann Lee and Jack O'Reilly.

2017 Rapid Play (4-Player Divisions)
This free, unrated, 3 rounds tournament, in 4-player ratings divisions, played on 27 September, with a time control of 25 minutes each, is completed. There were 30 players in 6 divisions each with four player all-play-all and the top division was a six player 3 rounds swiss. Placegetters were: "A” 1st Juan Rodriguez 3, 2nd Alex Janceski 2 and =3rd Ned Tomic and Ross List 1.5. “B” 1st Yihe Fu (Rebu) 3; = 2nd Benjamin Hurst, Natalie Maris & John Barber 1. “C” =1st Brian Gale, Davood Pirmoradian & Rob Maris (replaced Kuol) 2. “D” 1st Bob Gale 3; 2nd Victor Markou 2, and 3rd John Brooke 1. “E” =1st Colin Walker, David Hounsome & Mayur Patel 2. “F” 1st Jarvis Wileman 2.5, 2nd David Frankland 1.5, =3rd Lindsay Bordas & Su-Ann Lee 1. “G” 1st Geoffrey Owen 3; 2nd Brian Overste 2; 3rd Gordon Lucas 1.

2017 Fixed Opening
This free, unrated 4 rounds Swiss tournament is completed. Final results are on the Results page: <2017 Fixed Opening>. Placegetters were: 1st Derwent Maggs, 4/4; 2nd Ben Hurst, 3.5/4 and =3rd Ross List and Juan Rodriguez, 3/4.

2017 Harris-Edwardes Shield
This interclub tournment played at the North Woodvale Primary School on Sundays 30th July and 6th August is completed. Final results were: Southern Suburbs A1 defeated Southern Suburbs A2 4.0-0.0 for 1st and 2nd place; Perth A drew with Kingsley Juniors 2.0-2.0 for 3rd and 4th place.

2017 Bernard Anton Shield (2)
Round 2 of the Bernard Anton Shield against Metropolitan Chess Club was played last Thursday 3rd August at the Metro Club, Drabble House, behind the Nedlands Public Library, 2 Webster St, Nedlands. There were four teams in rating groups =< 1950, =< 1750, =< 1550 and =< 1350. Alan Wolstencroft was our Team Captain. In the first round Perth managed a gain of one point and looked like there may be a possibility of pulling back the four point lead Metro gained from the first leg in March 2017. However this promising start was not continued with Perth eventually losing 14 to 22 with an overall loss of 30 to 42. Congratulations to Metro who continued their winning streak from last year!

Simul by IM Temur Kuybokarov on Sunday 13th August 2017
The CAWA is currently seeking expressions of interest from players looking to take on International Master (IM) Temur Kuybokarov in a simultaneous display on Sunday 13th August 2017. Temur is an Uzbekistani junior with a current FIDE rating of 2468, who is currently living in Perth and was one of the joint winners of the 2017 Australian Open in January. He also recently achieved a Grandmaster norm with a 2600 performance at the very strong Aeroflot Open in Moscow. At this stage, we will be running the simul in the afternoon, at a cost of $25-30 per player. The venue is the Rhein-Donau Club, 110 North Lake Rd, Myaree. For further details email <Yita Choong, CAWA Junior Vice-President>.

2017 Annual General Meeting
The 2017 Perth Chess Club AGM was held on Wednesday 19th July. Existing office-bearers were re-elected unopposed: President - Fred Maris; Vice-President - Steve Jones; Secretary - David Hounsome; Tournaments Officer - Rob Maris; Lindsay Bordas - Publicity Officer; Steve Jones Webmaster and Librarian. The 2018 Calendar of Events was approved. Fees for 2018 were approved at the existing levels: Club membership $60, plus CAWA $20, total $80.

2017 Rated Groups (6-player divisions)
This 5 rounds, rated (not FIDE), four 6-player divisions tournament which ran from 7 June-12 July (except 21 June when the Club venue was unavailable), is completed. Final results are on the Results page: <Division A>, <Division B>, <Division C> and <Division D>. Place-getters were: Division A. 1st Peter De Yaak, 4/5; 2nd Steve Jones, 3.5/5 & 3rd Derek Elkington, 3/5. Division B. 1st Kuol Garang, 4/5; =2nd Brian Gale & Victor Markou, 3/5. Division C. 1st Justin Massam, 5/5, 2nd David Hounsome, 4/5, 3rd Colin Walker, 2.5/5. Division D. 1st Jarvis Wileman, 4.5/5; 2nd Jack O'Reilly, 3.5/5, =3rd Geoff Owen, Solly Smith & Anthony Nesbitt, 2/5.

2017 Allegro
This free, 9 rounds, 15 mins each player per game, tournament, which ran from May 24 to 31, is completed. Final results are on the Results page: <2017 Allegro>. Placegetters were 1st Derwent Maggs 9/9; 2nd Steve Jones 7/9; =3rd Ned Tomic and Lennard Mechlowski 6/9.

2017 Quick Play
This free 3 rounds, 4 player groups all-play-all, 30 mins each player per game tournament, is completed. Results were: In the top rated group Lennard and Ben were equal 1st on 2/3, Brian Gale 3rd on 1.5, Steve 4th 0.5. In the second group Bob 1st on 3/3, John Brooke and Kuol equal 2nd on 2, Victor 4th on 0. In the third group Justin was 1st on 3/3, Lindsay 2nd on 2, Su 3rd on 1, David Frankland 4th on 0. In the 4th group, visitor Reza Zamani was 1st on 3/3, Anthony 2nd on 2, Brian Overste 3rd on 1, Mike 4th on 0.

2017 Club Championship
This 7 rounds, FIDE rated, Swiss tournament is completed. Final results of round 7 are on the Results page: <2017 Perth Club Championship>. Placegetters were: = 1st Rob Maris & Derwent Maggs, 6/7 and 3rd Brian Gale, 5/7. Brian was also 1st under 1600 and Justin Massam was 1st under 1300.

2017 Bernard Anton Shield (1)
From Team Captain Alan Wolstencroft: "This was the eleventh year of the Bernard Anton Match with the first leg as usual played at the Perth Chess Club on Wednesday, 22nd March. There were many closely fought and intense games amongst the 36 gamesbplayed. After two rounds Metro Chess club were slightly ahead. In the final round Metro pulled further ahead and won 20 to 16. Still everything to play for Perth in the return match on Thursday, 3rd August at the Metro Chess Club." Results by divisions were:

Bernard Anton Shield 2017 (1)PerthMetro
=< 19504.54.5
=< 17504.54.5
=< 15504.05.0
=< 135036

2017 Eight Player Divisions
This rated 7 rounds tournament in 8-player ratings divisions is completed. Final results are on the Results page: <Division A>, <Division B> and <Division C>. Placegetters were: Division A: 1st Derwent Maggs 7/7; 2nd Derek Elkington 5/7; and =3rd Rob Maris & Peter De Yaak 4/7. Division B: 1st Lennard Mechlowski 6/7; 2nd John Barber 5/7 and =3rd Ken Gomez, Brian Gale, Fred Maris & Bob Van Emden, 3.5/7. Division C: 1st John Brooke 6.5/7; =2nd Victor Markou, Justin Massam & Kuol Awan Garang, 5/7.

4-Player Groups
This 3 games each player in three all-play-all 4-player groups, 25 minutes each player per game, tournament was run on 8 March for those not playing in the Eight Player Divisions catch up night. Winners were: Steve & Derek; Rob & Ross; and Kuol, Justin, Lindsay & Jarvis.

CAWA Executive
The results of the recent CAWA Executive elections were as follows:

CAWA Executive
President:			Alan Wolstencroft	(Perth)
Secretary:			David Hounsome		(Perth)
Vice President:			Fred Maris		(Perth)
Treasurer:			Lorenzo Escalante	(Metro)
Ratings Officer:		Rob Maris		(Perth)
Property Officer:		Alan Wolstencroft	(Perth)
Membership Officer:		Fred Maris		(Perth)
Assistant Treasurer:		Joe Klimczak		(Metro)
Webmaster:			Mike McGregor		(Metro)
Newspaper Correspondent:	David Ellis		(Metro)

Congratulations in particuar to CAWA's new President - Alan Wolstencroft, Secretary - David Hounsome and Vice President - Fred Maris, all of Perth Chess Club!

2017 Rapid Play
This free 6-round Swiss tournament is completed. Final results are on the Results page: <2017 Rapid Play>. Placegetters were 1st George Carolin-Unkovich, 5.5/6; =2nd Steve Jones, Derek Elkington & Ross List, 4.5/6.


Kingsley Juniors Chess Club
Kingsley Junior Club meets at North Woodvale Primary School from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on Tuesdays during school terms. Contact Norbert Muller, tel. 9409 9579 or email <norbert.muller@iinet.net.au>

For any rescheduling of games or contact details for members please contact Fred Maris on tel. 0457 573 879 or email <fred.maris@perthchessclub.org.au>.